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Eldredge Washington is the CEO and Founder of JustEldredge Media, a full-service media and production company with a core focus in podcasting. Before JustEldredge Media, Eldredge was the Co-Founder and COO of a tech startup called Spendefy. This digital platform made it easy to discover black-owned businesses nationwide. While serving at Spendefy, Eldredge worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, assisting them with their business model, marketing plan, and overall brand recognition. Prior to Spendefy, Eldredge founded Motivated Adults Developing Excellence (M.A.D.E.), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on leadership development and mentorship for middle and high school students. Eldredge impacted thousands of lives once he founded this organization and authored his first book "Become M.A.D.E. It's A Lifestyle," a guide to

living a good life by building great relationships.


In addition to being a  rising media mogul, Eldredge is a well-known community organizer in the metro Atlanta area. Born and raised in the small town of Monroe, Georgia,

Eldredge developed a strong love for his community. With that love, he carries

the principles of his work into the culture of JustEldredge Media. 


Are Made


JustEldredge Media is a full-service media and production company founded by Eldredge E. Washington in 2017. This company was created to provide quality and affordable services to socially conscious businesses, nonprofits, and individuals making a difference in their communities. 


After spending years as a nonprofit founder, community organizer, and social tech entrepreneur, Eldredge learned the importance of media, branding, and storytelling, so he created a company that would offer it all under one roof. As a result, JustEldredge Media provides a conglomerate of services executed by a team of professional creatives

who have a passion for service.


Suppose you simply want a logo, website, video, or photoshoot. In that case, you are in the wrong place, but if you want a partner willing to collaborate and equitably build your vision, you will not be

disappointed that you chose to work with us.

How JEMS are made
Image by Austin Distel

Podcast Production

Take your podcast to the next level by allowing our team to record and edit your episodes exactly how you dreamed it. Our to is experienced and highly skilled in the art


VIDEO Production

Choose us to execute the vision of your next commercial, web series, or documentary. You will not be disappointed!



Choose us to execute the vision of your next commercial, web series, or documentary. You will not be disappointed!




Let us help you clarify your vision and translate it into a concrete plan of action. Schedule a strategy session today!



What should your podcast look like? Logo, website, cover, photos, merch etc. Our team helps you make the critical branding decision.




Activate your audience with a premiere offline experience. We plan, develop, and execute tailored events for

your audience. 


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